Colors your world

Opportunity is knocking… will you answer?

It’s a crowded and challenging playing field when you’re raising poultry. To get a step ahead of the competition, you need the right products that are efficient and easy to manage. Colored birds give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and enhance your business.

Stand out with these unique breeds

SASSO traditional poultry products are easy to raise, productive, and efficient. Our products may look like traditional, local breeds, but they perform with better efficiency and livability than existing offerings.

Products are bred from heritage pedigree families that have unique traits in color and robustness compared to broiler and layer breeds meant for industrial farming.

SASSO colors your world with a unique promise. Our specialized products deliver dependable performance that will open the door to new opportunities for your farm and your family.

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Sasso’s goals: to be the alternative, defending poultry farming which respects both human and animal and to be the safeguard of genetic diversity.

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Laurent Salles
General Manager


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