Produce local chicken with improved genetics

SASSO is recognized as having one of the largest catalogues of colored strains in poultry breeding. SASSO females are genetically recessive for phenotype expression and are capable of producing nearly 200 chicks over a 70-week production cycle. Each male has its own phenotype and a specific growth rate that it will pass on to the offspring. Most world markets find in the SASSO male variety the right characteristics, from the slow growth of backyard strains to faster males combining color and meat yields.

Maintaining the local genetics

The strength of SASSO goes even further as its recessive females can be mated with local genetics found in various regions, particularly in Asia.

Indeed, some markets have very specific requirements in terms of phenotype but also in terms of growth speed. This is the case, for example, in Vietnam, which has a huge variety of local strains that are highly appreciated by consumers. These strains are very rustic and offer unique visual and taste qualities but are generally not very productive, with females laying about 20% less than SASSO strains in most cases.

By maintaining pure local genetics that correspond to the criteria of the target market, our customers produce genetically dominant males that they mate with our females. These females multiply the local genetics thanks to their excellent reproductive qualities while keeping the local physical characteristics (feather and leg colour, leg length, conformation, crest appearance...).


Adapting to local Asian markets

Ayam kampung in Malaysia or Indonesia, Gà choi or Gà Mia in Vietnam, Shonali in Bangladesh, "Three blood chicken" in Cambodia, Tudji in Taiwan... All these examples illustrate the wide variety of Asian markets. Most of these markets, however, are disorganized and very heterogeneous in the quality of the desired product, with local females having irregular and often poor production.

By working on a local strain adapted to the market, each player can benefit from the productivity of SASSO females to obtain a homogeneous, reliable, adapted, and unique final product.

SASSO has an expertise that can be put at the service of an actor wishing to further professionalize a production reputed to be traditional. This trend can be observed all over the world and is growing as consumers become more demanding every year on the product they want, both in terms of sanitary condition and the physical criteria of the chicken.