Female breeder - SA31A

The SA31A breeder female is autosexing as she produces feather sexable chicks. This female is a bantam chicken, which results in a compact and robust bird. This breeder hen can resist tough conditions.

It is a recessive female that can be crossed with both heavy roosters to get rustic broilers, but also with SASSO roosters under quality certified poultry production or pre-started productions.


Technical data

Live weight at 20 weeks 1650 g
Live weight at 24 weeks 1935 g
Live weight at 66 weeks 2349 g
Nr. of eggs at 66 weeks 241
Nr. of hatching eggs at 66 weeks 235
Mortality rate 0-20 weeks 2.5%
Mortality rate 21-66 weeks 5.5%
Total consumption for 0-66 weeks 46.7 kg
Consumption per DOC 0-66 weeks 226 g

These technical data do not in any way engage the responsibility of SASSO as a supplier of day-old chicks.

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