Female breeder - SA31A

The SA31A breeder female is autosexing as she produces feather sexable chicks. This female is a bantam chicken, which results in a compact and robust bird. This breeder hen can resist tough conditions.

It is a recessive female that can be crossed with both heavy roosters to get rustic broilers, but also with SASSO roosters under quality certified poultry production or pre-started productions.


Unique benefits

Autosexing female

The SA31A produces day-old chicks which are easily sexable using their feathering.

Recessive breeder

When being crossed with roosters, this female will allow the full expression of their phenotype.

Resistant bird

This rustic bird can thrive in different production systems or climate conditions in the world.

Technical data

Live weight at 20 weeks 1650 g
Live weight at 24 weeks 1935 g
Live weight at 66 weeks 2349 g
Nr. of eggs at 66 weeks 241
Nr. of hatching eggs at 66 weeks 235
Mortality rate 0-20 weeks 2.5%
Mortality rate 21-66 weeks 5.5%
Total consumption for 0-66 weeks 46.7 kg
Consumption per DOC 0-66 weeks 226 g
These technical data do not in any way engage the responsibility of SASSO as a supplier of day-old chicks.