The SASSOLI Red is a slow growing male line that SASSO is the only one to offer. This bird is unique and very robust due to its rustic nature.

These unique characteristics in terms of color variety and phenotype make this bird of great interest to the live market.

The SASSOLI Red is a very rustic bird and provides a good FCR with a highest-quality meat.


Unique benefits

Many variety of colors

With the SASSOLI Red, you will benefits from a wide range of colourful commercial chickens.

Very robust and resistant

As a rustic bird, this red chicken is very strong against all types of diseases.

Adapts easily to any environment

The SASSOLI Red is built to withstand and perform in every kind of environment.

FCR: 1.90-2.00 at 50 days

(depends on type of feed in respect of nutrients content)

Age in days Weight*
1 36
7 71
14 134
21 225
28 344
35 491
42 666
49 869
56 1100
63 1233
70 1296
*weight in grams

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